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ABC Rent a Car Company's 10 Special Offer


ABC Rental Car Company's 10 Special Offer List

Introducing ABC Rent a Car Company's 10 Special Offer One by One !!

Benefit 1

Special Coupons - Okinawa Main Island Version <

Special Coupons ABC Rent a Car provides you the speical coupons for 32 attractions (1 per rental)
Coupons include Ryukyu Glass Craft, Okinawa Fruits Land, World Culture Kingdom Gyokusendo, and other popular sightseeing attractions!

Benefit 2

Free Options !!

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<span class=Free rental service for Baby Seat, Child Seat, Junior Seat
(Limited to one)

Benefit 3

Free Okinawa Map!!

Picture for Okimawa map Okinawa Main Island Map, 1 per rental for free
Okinawa main island's whole map show the detial information of "Naha", "International Avenue", "Southern Part", "Central Southern Part", and "Northern Part". The map provide all travel related information such as major hotels, highway charges, World Heritage, souvenir shops. Valuable information will make your trip more enjoyable!

Benefit 4

Beach Chair Free Rental!!

Picture of beach chair, cooling box, umbrella, and other useful beach goods Free rental of beach umbrella, beach chair, and icebox♪

Benefit 5

Free Star Sand Bottle

Picture of Star Sand Bottle To pray for your safe drive! Each party will receive 1 Star Sand Bottle at the reception♪

Benefit 6

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Ticket: 10% Off

Picture of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium ABC Rent a Car sells the tickets for famous Okinawa Churami Aquarium with 10% discount
If needed, please tell our staff at the reception

Benefit 7

Helios Pub International Avenue Free Beer Coupon

Picture of Helios Pub International Avenue Please enjoy the local crafted beer at the International Avenue!♪
1 Free Beer per party

Benefit 8

20% off coupon at Soba Dining Joshogama

Picture of Soba Dining Joshogama A few minutes away from ABC Rent a Car Office. All hand made soba noodle and seasonal tempura. Please show the coupon to the staff there.

Benefit 9


Picture of DFS GALLERIA DFS GALLERIA Gift card can be used at Hilton, Grand Vacation Club hotels.
Gift details: Jasmine Tea, elegant handkerchief, camping sheet
(One coupon can be used only once)

Benefit 10

Free Pineapple Coupon

Picture of yummy pineapples 
5 minutes away from Naha Airport!
Free Pineapples Samples at Pineapple House! You can find the place by looking for a huge pineapple!

Okinawa ABC Rent a Car Started Special Offers!
Special coupon books and free options!

Okinawa ABC Rent a Car Started Special Offers! Special coupon books and free options!


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Looking for a rent a car service?
ABC Rent a Car!!
ABC Rent a Car continues to provide the best rental car service in Okinawa. We cover wide range of popular attractions in Naha and other places in Okinawa, such as Ishigakijima, Kumejima, and Miyakojima. You are welcomed to use our service at anytime, anywhere with low prices! For customers who arrive at Naha Airport, regardless of your flight schedule, please feel safe to use ABC Rent a Car service!
We also provide Naha Airport parking service for local customers with only 870 yen per day. Please use our parking service if you are planning on a trip from Okinawa. We also offer free shuttle services between the Naha airport and our office! Automated External Defibrillators is available at our offices for safety correspondence.

”Your trip to Okinawa begins with ABC Rent a Car!“

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