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Can I reserve via telephone?
Yes! However, we recommend you to use online reservation for exclusive web-only speical offers. You can also check reservation date, confirmed price, and other services online.
Telephone line is busy. When is the best time to call?
We apologize for the waiting time on your phone. We have staff on line at all time. Howver, the following time period is our busy period. Please avoid to call during those periods or contact us via emails. Thank you for your cooperation.
Telephone busy period: 8:30 - 10:00/17:00-18:00
When I make a reservation online, how do I check the vehicle availabilities?
You can check the vehicle availabilities on our website. After you submit your online application, we will check for vehicle availability and email you the result.
How do I confirm my reservation? What should I do if I do not receive confirmation mail?
After you finish your online application for reservation, you will receive an automatic reply. If you do not receive any confirmation reply within 1 hour, it can be that you entered the wrong email address, or there was a system error.
Please contact us via telephone during our business hour.
What heppens if my rental period becacame over the prearranged period.
1. To extend your rental hour

Our company use daily base system. If you are over the rental period, please contact us during our business hour (8:00 - 20:00). You may not need to pay the overtime charge under some conditions.
The overtime fee is 1,080 yen per hour when your return is before/after our business hour.

2. Extend your rental date

Daily extention fee is 3,000 yen (excluding Collision Damage Waiver fee). Please contact us before returning the car. If you do not return your rental car before the prearranged time without contacting us, we may call the police.

Is it okay if the driver is not the person who made a reservation?
We would recommend the driver to make a reservation because it takes time to change the records on application.
Do you provide a free shuttle service?
Yes! Our free shuttle service runs between the airport and our Naha office.
Please find us at the designated area.

Okinawa Office…please pay attention to our ABC Rent a Car flag at the rent a car shuttle bus area.
Can I return my rental car at my hotel, airport or port?
You can only rent and return at our offices.
Is there a limitaion on milage?
No. We do not have any limination on milage.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. We accept VISA, MASTER and China UnionPay card. One time payment only.
Is there any extra charges for car navigation service?
No. We provide car navigation system on every vehicle for free.
If I want to listen to the music. Is there an audio equipment inside the vehicle?
Yes. We provide audio equipment on every vehicle. Please feel free to use it.
Is a beginner to driving allowed to rent a car?
Our company cannot provide the rental car service to drivers who have received his/her driver license no less than 6 months ago. For those who need beginner's driver's sticker after the six months of holding the license, please tell our staff at the reception. (200 yen per rent)

Here is a list of frequent asked questions.
Please review this page before you contact us for any questions.

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Looking for a rent a car service?
ABC Rent a Car!!
ABC Rent a Car continues to provide the best rental car service in Okinawa. We cover wide range of popular attractions in Naha and other places in Okinawa, such as Ishigakijima, Kumejima, and Miyakojima. You are welcomed to use our service at anytime, anywhere with low prices! For customers who arrive at Naha Airport, regardless of your flight schedule, please feel safe to use ABC Rent a Car service!
We also provide Naha Airport parking service for local customers with only 870 yen per day. Please use our parking service if you are planning on a trip from Okinawa. We also offer free shuttle services between the Naha airport and our office! Automated External Defibrillators is available at our offices for safety correspondence.

”Your trip to Okinawa begins with ABC Rent a Car!“

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