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Insurance and Charges

Insurance and charges

Insurance and Charges


When an accident occurs, customers are responsible for damages caused to our company or a third party.
Our company provides the following insurance coverage for after accident responsibilities and charges rules. When the burden of the accident charge exceeds the insurance coverage plan, the Renter is responsible for any remaining charge.

Please join the insurance plan when you make a reservation of the rental car.
Personal injury unlimited coverage per person
Property damage maximum 5million yen per accident (exemption 50,000 yen)
Vehicle damage coverage will be based on market price of the vehicle (exemption 50,000 yen per accident)
Passenger Coverage
Death: 10 million yen per authorized number of passengers
Hospitalization: 7,500 yen per day (within 180 days from the date of the accident)
Medication: 5,000 yen per day (within 180 days from the date of the accident)
After affects: to be decided based on the condition with a maximum amount of 10 million yen.

If you are unable to follow the above rules of insurance and charges measures, or unable to get approval from police, there will not be any coverages.

Collision Damage Waiver

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)


In case of any accidents, the deductibles of the charging systems will cover the Renter's responsibility of charges. Please apply when you make a reservation.

Non Operation Charge

Non Operation Charge (NOC)


In case of any accidents during the rental period, repair of the the Rental Vehicle will damages the normal operation of the Company. Regardless of the length of repaire or the level of the damage, the Renter shall bear the following costs. This is apart from the deductibles of the compensation system.

Non Operation Charge
Able to return back to the prearranged office (the vehicle can still be operated) 20,000 yen
Unable to return back to the prearranged office (the vehicle cannot be operated) 50,000 yen
CDW may not apply

Renter's Responsibilities after Accident


Renter's Responsibilities after Accident (single rental, one accident)

Object deductible fee 50,000 yen
Vehicle deductible fee 50,000 yen
Non Operating Charge
Still can be operated: 20,000 yen
Cannot be operated: 50,000 yen

The following conditions are listed outside of our insurance and charges system. The Renter has to be responsible for the charges


Followings are situations where the Renter has to be responsible for all charges.
(Inapplicable situations of insurance)


When Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is not applicable
Following conditions are caused by violating traffic rules and thus, CDW is not applicable. The Renter has to be responsible for all charges

Insurance and Charges

In case your trip becomes unpleasant due to an accident, please follow our handling manuals and relax!
Thank you for reading ABC Rental Car's Insurance and Charges Manual


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