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Privacy Policy


ABC Service Co., Ltd. (Our Company) Operate this website. In order to protect every customer's privacy, we constructed the privacy protection policy. Please review the relevant information.
The current privacy policy will explain the reasons for collecting personal information. Please undertand our policy.

Collection of Personal Information

The information about customers collected is used for following reasons.


About our company website

 For the personal information submitted, our company will only use it for contacting purpose and related reservation applications including suitcase delivery, hotel accomdations, and other necessary services.
 In addition, customers' addresses, phone numbers, emails, and fax numbers, or identifications, this site will all protect with secured password. With your concensus, we will not show any information to a third party. This type of information will be protected together with our business information.


About Cookie

 In order to provide better services and safety net, our company use Cookie. Cookie can enter your computer cia sever. Our company has multiple managing purpose to use Cookie. For example, to record and save all desired information for future purpose, and to save downloading time. Cookie does not record any phone number, emails, or other peronal information. The usage of the Cookie is only for our company. Based on the server, our company will notify the customers about the setting of Cookie. You can also cancel the setting of Cookie.


General Attentions

 Our company's partners, able to connect to a third party conpany or other services, sales activity via our website. Other companies' strategies are not related to this website.


Last updated: 3/14/2005

Privacy Policy

We are all doing our best to protect the leakage of personal information.

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About ABC Rent a Car

Prividing rental car service.


Looking for a rent a car service?
ABC Rent a Car!!
ABC Rent a Car continues to provide the best rental car service in Okinawa. We cover wide range of popular attractions in Naha and other places in Okinawa, such as Ishigakijima, Kumejima, and Miyakojima. You are welcomed to use our service at anytime, anywhere with low prices! For customers who arrive at Naha Airport, regardless of your flight schedule, please feel safe to use ABC Rent a Car service!
We also provide Naha Airport parking service for local customers with only 870 yen per day. Please use our parking service if you are planning on a trip from Okinawa. We also offer free shuttle services between the Naha airport and our office! Automated External Defibrillators is available at our offices for safety correspondence.

”Your trip to Okinawa begins with ABC Rent a Car!“

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